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Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

My podcast interview with David Spinks of CMX was published last week where we discuss the critical challenge of motivating members to engage in communities today (along with a bunch of other topics).

One of the key discussion points is how we adjust our approach to motivating members in the new era of community building.

Many of the old reward-focused tactics no longer work. The competition is too ferocious. Instead, we need to engender the right feelings in the right way to thrive.

We also take a deep dive on many other topics (I hope you find it useful).


You may also get value from some other events

If you’re curious about advanced approaches to nurturing and engaging superusers, I recommend watching this video with TokyWoky.

And if you’re looking for global community trends, you might find my keynote on Thursday worth attending.

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