How To Save $2m On Your Internal Community This Year

July 11, 2017 Comments Off on How To Save $2m On Your Internal Community This Year

Last week, Publicis announced Marcel. Marcel is an AI-tool (or bot?) that will connect colleagues around the world and allow for search of content throughout systems among 80,000 employees. The project will be funded by pulling up to $2m in spending from award shows for a year.

The main use cases are:

  1. Find colleagues with the right skills and experience for projects.
  2. Collaborate on projects with them.
  3. Search for relevant material throughout the company.

It’s far easier (and cheaper) to develop an internal community and tag documents properly.

This means creating a sense of pride in keeping your work updated, relevant, within the workflow of others, and properly tagged.

It means keeping your internal profiles updated and tagged with relevant experience and information.

It shouldn’t be enough to deliver award-winning creative for a client, you need to properly document and store it for others working on similar clients in the future. You need to update the vendor information, prices, and how well they did. You need to update your own profile too.

This needs to be written into individual goals and performance reviews too. You need to persuade small groups of the time they can save and people they can help by properly tagging information. Encourage people to acknowledge when existing documents helped them. Ensure updates shift to new employees when current colleagues leave.

All of this takes time. But it takes far less time, far less money, and is far more effective than developing a talking AI robot.

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