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What Skills Should A Community Professional Master?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

To host this event we made a big bet based upon a few assumptions:

1) You knew the basics of communities and wanted to learn about the advanced aspects of community management.

2) You wanted to hear speakers doing the best/most exciting work, not those that are best at promoting themselves. 

3) You wanted a very different event format, one that allows both advice from experts and collaboration between participants. 

4) The world’s top experts would come to London if the event offered enough value. 

If any of these assumptions were wrong, if no-one came, we would lose around £50k. That’s a significant % of revenue for a relatively small organization like ours. 

Fortunately, your feedback has blown us away.

You have renewed our faith in community professionals. We believe London’s Virtual Community Summit is going to help community professionals everywhere master the psychology behind communities. These are the psychological tactics we can use to significantly increase the level of growth and activity in any community we ever work on. 

We’re down to about 32 tickets remaining. 

If you want to join your fellow community experts at the Virtual Community Summit in London, I hope you will sign up soon.

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