A Unique Approach To Membership Access Levels

February 28, 2011Comments Off on A Unique Approach To Membership Access Levels

Tommy Sollen isn't allowed to comment on this thread in the GameSpot forums.

The reason?

"Your account must be level 3 to post a comment on this story. You can raise your access level by continuing to use GameSpot."

Tommy wonders if this is a drastic way to combat spammers. He's right, except this isn't for spammers. It's for genuine members. It rewards the top members and motivates the rest. 

Too many levels might be drastic, but they should grow as the community develops. It's a simple way to break your community down into the essential smaller groups. Most communities have some private discussion areas, but few base their entire community around this idea. 

p.s. Visit Tommy's beautifully designed CommunityOfSweden.

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