Knowing Who Can Approve / Disapprove

August 7, 2014Comments Off on Knowing Who Can Approve / Disapprove

A quick tip. Before we begin a community project, we build up a big list of everyone that can approve or disapprove anything we do in the community.

We use a lot of make-belief scenarios. i.e. What would we do if we needed to invest another {x} in the platform? Would anyone be upset if we let people complain about the brand in the community? Can we integrate existing accounts for the community? 

Once you have the list you can schedule meetings with every person.

This list usually includes managerial staff, IT, marketing, legal, finance, and maybe HR. 

Highlight the possible concerns, the best course of action, how it would help them, and why they would want to agree with you. A good dose of relationship building wouldn't go amiss neither. 

It's a lot easier to do this at the beginning than during. It's very hard to overcome an objection once it's been raised. They feel you've stepped on their turf. They're now defending their turf.

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