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Key Dates Your Community Can Celebrate

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

These are some things your community can celebrate each year.

  • Birthday. Your community should have a birthday. Plan some small events, give presents to the top members, have the CEO give a small online talk and ask for volunteers in some planning.
  • New Year’s Eve. Not this year, from last year. Remember when everyone made their community-related resolutions and/or predictions? Now you can celebrate the members who were right, or achieved their goals.
  • JohnnyFab’s Day. Like Columbus day, but rather celebrating something terrific one of your members did the year before. Did they achieve something monumental in your community? Write a groundbreaking article? Get your community mentioned in the New York Times?
  • Four Figure Day. The day you got 1000 members in your community. Highlight the 1000th member. Give a reward to the first 1000 members. Talk about some of the key contributions of those first 1000 members.
  • Charity Day. Did your community raise a lot of money for charity? Celebrate that too.
  • Hall of fame day. Have one special day a year where members get inducted to your community’s hall of fame. Make a big event from it, accept nominations.
  • Survival Day. Was your community nearly shut down? Did you come close to not being a community anymore? Celebrate your survival.

A countdown clock with a call to action for members to get involved would be a great idea.

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