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Join Us And Change How People Build Communities

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Let’s try this again, we’re hiring.

We’re looking for someone that wants to
change how people build communities.

The current approach is completely wrong.
It is too reactive, too focused on platforms, and too similar to marketing. As
a result, most communities fail.

Even those that succeed struggle to reach
their potential. By applying the principles of social science, we can change

This is a message we want your help in


We’re hiring a community advocate.

We’re hiring someone that can build positive relationships with a range of
groups/organizations, help promote and advocate the use of social sciences in
communities, and take on and deliver projects to completion without fail.

We’re looking for someone that has a
passion for communities and a great track record for making things happen.

We’re looking for someone with a genuine
desire to help people build better communities.

We’re looking for someone that truly loves
connecting with their fellow community professionals and building positive

should be…

 1) 100% reliable. This is a job for a doer.
You making things happen. You crush deadlines with time to spare. If you
struggle, panic, or withdraw when confronted by deadlines, this isn’t a good
fit. If get a charge from getting things done and making things happen, drop us
a line. Reliability is essential here.

2) A great communicator. You should be
happy introducing yourselves to individuals and groups, building strong
connections, selling your ideas. Strong self-confidence helps a lot here.

3) A community expert. It’s going to be
tough to do the job if you don’t know the material. It helps if you’ve read our
book, understand our principles, and developed communities of your own.

4) A terrific writer. You need to be able
to create material that helps people build better communities. If you can’t
write articulate ideas in a concise manner, this isn’t for you.

5) Eager to change the world. I know,
this sounds lame. This isn’t a spreadsheet role. This is about changing the
world. The world would be better if there were more successful online and
offline communities. People active in communities are happier, healthier, and
wealthier. This is work worth doing. This should drive you.

This is an intense role. It will involve
connecting with key people and organizations, producing regular material, attending
events, and achieving real, visible, results.

of FeverBee

At FeverBee, we hire terrific people and
provide a platform for them to do their life’s work. To help you do that we
provide the following:

  • Full training in communities and community development (with certification). We’ll train you to be a leading expert in this
  • Work from home and with flexible hours.
    You decide what hours you work (with agreed results to achieve). You can go to
    the gym in the afternoon, work the hours you’re most productive, and have a
    social life during the week.
  • Access to our virtual assistants. You
    can keep the mundane, repetitive, tasks off your desk and free up your time to
    focus on your key goals.
  • Freedom to develop your own projects. We
    believe in freedom and responsibility. You can determine how you will advocate
    our ideals.
  • Travel to clients and events across four continents. Some see this as a burden, others a perk. Take your pick. Our work
    has taken us to UK, USA, Canada, China, Australia, Denmark, Germany, The
    Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and a few more.

Please no cover letters, CVs/resumes. We want
to see your drive and persuasive skills. Call us and persuade us you’re right for the job.

(0)20 7792 2469

Our accountant would prefer we hired
someone in the UK, but you’re welcome to persuade us otherwise.

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