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Introductory Videos in Communities

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Videos are hard and expensive to do well (this video cost around $4k and hours of effort).

I know a dozen or so communities that have created introductory videos. None of them are any good. On a few occasions, I’ve had access to the viewing data, almost nobody makes it halfway through the video.

Generally speaking, people don’t want to stop what they’re doing for a few minutes to watch a video to get started.

If your platform is so complicated you need a detailed video to explain it, you probably need a different platform.

The better use of videos are:

  • A video library of best speeches/talks on the topic gathered by members.
  • Detailed breakdowns of a particular case study.
  • Testimonials from members and staff showing appreciation to the community.
  • A welcome introduction from the new community manager or the community team.

In short, don’t do introductory videos.

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