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How To Making Your Community Interactions Matter In A World Oversupplied With Interactions

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Noise used to be caused by advertising (the average American sees 3000 per day), soon it will be interactions. In a world oversupplied with human-generated interactions, how do you make the interactions in your community count?

Make your community experience entirely unique. An oasis, even.

Ditch the insta-click interactions and automated messages.  From the moment a member joins community they should know that it’s different. Real people write real messages to real members.

Members are welcomed into the community. They’re asked questions about themselves. They’re asked to give opinions on topics they care about. They get to have live chats and are included in internal debates about the community. It’s much like the real world clubs, only online.

Ignore other communities trying to model themselves on rest of the internet, you would do well to ake your community an oasis apart.

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