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Don’t Use Your Unfair Advantage

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

You have admin powers to enable your community to do things, not influence what they do.

Don’t use your admin powers without good reason. Every time you use these powers you remind members they don’t control the community, you do. The less members feel ownership of your community, the less loyal they are and it will decrease their participation.

If you have a message for the community, don’t mass-message members. Have private conversations with several top members and invite them to tell anyone they think needs to know. Your message will only reach the people you want it to reach, and more effectively.

If you have an idea you feel would be good for your community, ask members you know for feedback. Let them improve the idea, and offer your support to implement it.

Every member should have the same opportunity to influence the community. You shouldn’t have an unfair advantage.

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