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If You’re Not Allowed To Start An Online Community…

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

…then join one. Or two, perhaps three.

Joining online communities is good practice. You will develop great friends, become familiar with their online mannerisms and learn what the people you’re trying to reach talk about. This is worth more than you think.

When you want to launch your own community, you will have the respect of hundreds of members that will be willing to join. These members will be far more valuable than any others.

So if you’re not allowed to start your own community, try joining some. Participate as a person at the company, rather than the company itself. Ask questions. Give responses. Be as generous as you can be. Act like a human being.

By joining an online community you can get many of the benefits of building a community without the risk of failure.

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