How To Reach People Not On The Internet

September 9, 2009Comments Off on How To Reach People Not On The Internet

Years ago, my mum joined Friends Reunited. She had to buy a laptop to do it. My mum isn’t a technology person. She hadn’t used the internet for anything before, nor anything since.

Friends Reunited offered one major benefit to joining; connect with old school friends. People like my mum were willing to learn ‘the internet’ to join.

Reaching the people that don’t user the internet much is possible if your appeal is strong enough. This appeal is always about the people in the community and what those relationships can offer. It’s not about advice, skills or technology – it’s about people.

If your membership list is the biggest appeal of your community, you need to be ruthless about who you let in. This doesn’t mean you only accept VIPs of the industry, it means you only accept people who closely identify with the criteria and ethos your community represents.

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