From ‘How Many’ To ‘How Few’

Two groups, which would you most like to join?

“Join the largest group of design engineers on the web. We have 60,000 members from around the world”

“Join the most exclusive group of design engineers on the web. We only accept 365 members per year, 1 per day”

We spend so much time talking about how many people are participating in our community, attending our events, or joining our webinars without realizing that size isn’t very motivating.

Would you rather stand in a big crowd or be part of a smaller, exclusive, group?

Being small can be a powerful asset too. ‘Who?’ is a more important question than ‘how many?’


  1. Nick Emmett says:

    If I was really given that kind of choice then I’d probably need some context around both groups. What if the smaller group of people are not as engaged whereas within the realms of the larger group there are some super engaged people. I’d need to work out where I’m more likely to get a response to my question and I’m not a huge believer in the size of the group being an indicator of either having the best answer or even the best chance of getting a reply.

    To be fair, I’d probably edge my best and join both, likely choosing to leave one of the groups down the line if i wasn’t seeing any value in it.

    From a second angle, the marketing aspect of the smaller groups sounds better, coming from the exclusivity angle. But… what if I don’t get accepted as one of the 365? (sounds like a tv show in the making).

    I guess there’s also a consideration around why I would be joining the group and where I’m at my career/personal brand journeys.

  2. Jen Blanford says:

    I agree with Nick. At some point, in order to increase activity, having the numbers is important in my opinion. To me, I think more members overall increases the likelihood of more engaged members.

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