How Active Do You Think Your Community Will Be?

October 25, 2013Comments Off on How Active Do You Think Your Community Will Be?

If you have a forum, you need a lot of activity or it appears dead.

The same is true with most feature-rich, paid-for, community platforms. If you don't have a large amount of activity, it looks dead. 

This isn't the case for a mailing list.

The e-mint mailing list can go days, perhaps weeks, without any activity.

For a forum, this would be a disaster, for a mailing list it's fine. The list is always there for people when they need it. 

More importantly, people don't see (or notice), the inactivity. The community comes to them (via e-mail), they don't come to the community. 

If you're not expecting huge amounts of activity, or you're looking to test your community before launch, use a simple mailing list. Once you've outgrown it, then move to something more substantial.

Many of the problems we stumble across can be solved by using a simple mailing list. 

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