Using Homophily And Multiple Entrance Pages To Increase Conversion Rates

March 9, 2015Comments Off on Using Homophily And Multiple Entrance Pages To Increase Conversion Rates

We covered before, members are most likely to join a community if they feel most similar to existing members (homophily) .

In a small, new, community, that’s easy to show. You have a pinpoint target audience and your pursue it doggedly.

In a larger community, you can only optimize a single entrance page so far. Better then to have multiple entrances for each unique sub-group of members you target.

In a mature community, you have plenty of data to see where most of your traffic comes from. You can see what pages they arrive on, what country (even city) they’re from. You can see what words they search for to arrive on your community landing page.

Why not then setup unique entrance pages specifically to better convert these members. The entrance page can still cover the big four aspects (what/what is new, who/what is popular) in addition to targeting specific messages at specific members.

For example, a personalised page might include:

Personalised landing page:

  • The most likely relevant discussions to the visitor.
  • Showcasing the members they’re most likely to know (or feel similar too).
  • Welcoming members using specific language/symbols they’re most familiar with.
  • Send a confirmation e-mail that guides them to participate in a discussion most relevant to them.

You can even guide them into a specific sub-group and connect them to their first members if you want to.

If you’re at the mature community stage, you can increase growth significantly by creating multiple channels of entrance. Unbounce is one option, your web guy is even better.

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