The Daily Practice Of Helping Members Feel Great About Helping You

January 2, 2017 Comments Off on The Daily Practice Of Helping Members Feel Great About Helping You

Almost every community has people who want to help, but how far will they go?

You can (and should) test this.

Don’t overthink it. You don’t need complex MVP programs with big asks and detailed reward systems to get started. These programs should handle complexity, not create it. You can develop these when you need to.

Focus instead on getting really good at the daily practice of sending out simple messages of appreciation and asking for something more – something valuable.

If you’re not getting much of a response, try different messages. Vary the tone and the ask.

If you send a single message today and get a volunteer for years, that’s a lot of bang for your buck, so feel free to send out plenty.

Find the things members want to do and help them feel terrific about doing it. Get really good at the simple stuff, then move on to the complicated systems.

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