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Habitualizing Community Use Is Hard

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Enabling people to make
stories like this
happen is easy.

You just select or develop a platform. This isn’t the hard
part. The hard part is habitualizing use of the platform.

How do you make the community a
place your employees go to every day?

Too often companies try to go big. They spend a lot of
money, host a big launch, make big statements, and expect results to happen.
This is contrary to how communities (internal or external develop).

You need to focus your efforts on a few. Focus on single,
solvable, issues. Build momentum. Work with a group of believers within the
company.  Don’t try to win over the
doubters, work around them.

Make the community something that shows value and people
begin to hear about. Let members choose to join it. Ensure the community is a
platform through which people can build their reputation within the company.

Only once it’s established should you consider
big announcements and broader efforts at persuading people to join.

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