Guide Or Be Guided

September 28, 2009Comments Off on Guide Or Be Guided

That…is the question.

Should you guide your community or should your community guide you?

Make the decision before your launch. Most of your actions and strategy stems from this question.

Should you guide your community and keep them on track to achieve your corporate goals? Or should you follow your community and discover where they want to go, then adapt what your company does to match?

What happens when you launch a community for your new Mercedes and your members begin gushing about a new BMW?…or worse, they begin talking about their families, their hobbies or many other irrelevant things? What if they just talk about features your cars don’t even have?

It’s too tempting to try to guide your community to where you want them to go. But that’s an uphill battle. To get the most out of your community, it’s usually best to let your members guide you. Adapt your business to serve your community.

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