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Big Goals vs. Daily Relevance

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Big noble goals may win verbal approval, but it’s day-to-day relevance that makes professional communities thrive.

Your members might want to improve how they use photoshop (big, noble, goal), but this morning they need to figure out how to remove layers.

Improving how people collaborate is a big, noble, goal, helping someone figure out where to find Susan’s handover document is relevant this morning.

Breaking down silos is a big, noble, goal. Finding someone that has a template of a work from home agreement can save someone a few hours this morning.

Designing a great website is a goal, getting recommendations on great designers is relevant today.

Getting internal buy-in is a goal. Finding 10 examples of similar organizations whom have been through your challenge is relevant this morning.

Everyone will agree and support you when you propose a big, noble, goal. Then they will never find the time to participate because they’re so busy with their daily priorities. But what if you made most of the community about those daily priorities?

Daily relevance matters now more than ever.

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