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Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

At first glance, FunVille, is glaring.

Few organizations would want their community
to look like this. However, then you notice the community has 1.2m+ posts.
That’s the sort of number organizations dream about.



A few points to make about this community:

  • Sustaining event-driven relationships. For
    event-orientated organizations such as cruises, creating a place where those
    who met can continue interacting is very clever. It encourages them to attend
    future events to meet up again. They’re drawn to keep attending to stay part of
    the group.
  • Give the community a unique name. Giving
    the community a unique name (especially ones that links to a symbol) is a very
    good idea.
  • Embrace status symbols. Status symbols,
    such as members using their signatures to list previous cruises they have been
    on, encourage people to go on more cruises. Carnival could improve this by
    ensure this appears beneath everyone’s comments.
  • Simple forum design. Notice the simple design of this community. It might be based on a
    premium package (Telligent) but the design is a simple forum platform.
  • Good social density. The community has a
    good social density. It suffers from neither information overload or a sense of
  • Division of forum groups around interests. The forum is broken down by specific interest matters, such as
    ports of call, newcomers, ships, and unique user groups (The Coconut Monkeyhead
  • A specific area for newcomers to ask dumb questions. First-timers have a
    place they can ask questions which have been asked many times before.

If you’re looking for a good example of a
branded community, spend some time on Funville.

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