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April 16, 2009Comments Off on Free Communities

Build the websites for free, sell the community building. 

Bill Gates blindsided everyone. When the competition were selling hardware, he sold software. He knew hardware was getting easier and cheaper every month. The real need of the future would be software.

Now we're one level higher. Software is getting easier. The need for tomorrow isn't in software, it's in people. 

Anyone can now drag and drop a website together in a few hours. More people know more about coding – and it's only going to get better (or worse, for you). Open source is decimating businesses.

So quit selling websites. Sell community building. Build the websites for free and charge a monthly fee for building, growing and managing the community.

Need more persuading? By 2007 Communispace had 70 clients paying $20k per month for community work. That's good business.

And they're hiring.

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