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Four Broad Approaches (which are you pursuing?)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

What you should focus on at any given time depends heavily upon whether you need more members, new behaviors, or both.

This leads to the four distinct approaches you can see here.

If you’re happy with the number of members you have and what members are doing, then your goal is to optimise.

This means improving the member experience with a series of incremental improvements in the technology and processes of managing the community.

If you’re happy with the number of members you have, but not what they’re doing, then your goal is to persuade members to do something different.

This is a persuasion-led strategy involving communications, working with influencers, and adding strategic nudges to the platform.

If you’re happy with what members are doing but need more members, you need a promotion (or growth) strategy.

This means integrating the community into existing target-audience journeys, optimising for search, building partnerships with individuals who have large audiences, and engaging in outreach to existing members.

If you have neither the members or behaviors you want, then you need to relaunch (or launch). This is often where you need a new platform, team, and strategy.

It seems common at times to focus on optimisation or relaunch to achieve any result. Far better to decide that you need and align the rest of your actions to match.

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