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Founding A Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Continuing from yesterday:

A big mistake organisations make is to hire an experienced community managers to create a community.

The skills of managing and founding a community are very different.

Creating a community requires persistence, persuasion, market research skills, technology expertise, a huge dose of graft and, most of all, strong existing relationships.

There aren’t many people they have a track record of founding a community.

You may have noticed we advertised the same job position several times last year. If it was a community manager role, that would be easy to fill. It’s far harder to find someone who we think can be a great founder of a community.

From the applications we received, around 1 in 50 community managers have ever founded a successful community (that still exists) and just 2 applicants (in total) could prove they’ve done it more than once.

If you have a track record of founding several communities, advertise that more broadly.

If you’re looking to find someone to launch your community, it helps to have someone that’s done it before.

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