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Find An Enemy To Help Your Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Does your community have a clearly defined enemy? You probably need one.

Your enemy isn’t about real hate, flame wars or, god forbid, aggression. Your enemy is a symbol to bring you closer together. Increases community spirit and the level of activity. An enemy provides clarity for a group. If you’re not sure who your group isn’t, how do you know who it is?

Throughout the history of man, strong close-knit groups have risen to oppose an enemy. We would be foolish to ignore the power of an enemy. The lack of an enemy suggests a lack of mission, or importance of its mission.

Your enemy shouldn’t be vague. Your enemy should be real, living, people whose ideas your community are opposed to. Sports fans are a bad example, too aggressive – too many enemies. The Apple/Microsoft rivalry is the best, but not the only, good example. Both companies benefited from having each other as an enemy. Stronger communities.

Practically, you can oppose your ideas with your enemy. You can contrast your successes with their failures. You can publicly criticise their ideas (not their people). You can frequently remind members where you achieved.

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