Fighting For Time

September 25, 2008Comments Off on Fighting For Time

The members of most communities are polyamorous. This means your community’s best members are also in your biggest rival’s community.

You begin fighting for a greater share of the audience’s time, rather than a greater share of the audience. This has 3 interesting implications.

1) Not all time slots are equal. Would you rather have a visitor at 7.30m or 11am? Which is more valuable?

2) Analysing time-slots. Knowing how to analyse which time-slots are the peak-slots for your community is vital.

3) Attack time-slots like market segments. If different time slots have different value, then attacking the important time slots can be important. Imagine creating discussions, hosting events or releasing information at 7.30pm to 8.45pm.

Attacking time slots wont work for everyone, but having an engaged member at a peak time is far better than a passive member at a fleeting hour.

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