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Geotab’s Feedback Form

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

After this post, a few folks shared examples of their own feedback forms.

I especially like this one from Geotab’s (a former client) feedback hub.

There are some clever things going on here.

First, the feedback hub isn’t just gathering ideas, but feedback on a range of tools, features, and even customer service. This is a genuine place to also highlight complaints outside of the typical community channels. Feedback can also be directed to the person responsible for each feature/aspect of the service.

Second, the form captures what people want to accomplish, why they want to accomplish it, and the situation in which the need occurs.

Finally, the form captures the frequency and urgency of the need. It also captures what tools and software the member uses today.

This is the kind of data that’s needed to make feedback informative and practical.

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