How Many Times Can You Fail To Build A Community?

February 23, 2009Comments Off on How Many Times Can You Fail To Build A Community?


You can fail to build a community within a month.

Just be thankful you didn’t spend a year, going door to door, to learn what you know in a few weeks on the internet. Your approach didn’t work.

Building a community has become quicker than it used to be, but not easier. Not in that sense. Building a community is a process. Part of that process are failed approaches.

The internet speeds up your failures. You can fail once a week for 15 weeks straight. Then you might befriend a huge influencer that convinces thousands to join. It’s happened to me. This sort of community, pre-internet, would never have existed. You would have run out of time years ago.

Two thoughts. First, you can’t ever guarantee a community. All you can do is increase the odds, reduce the boundaries. Second, each failure is a step towards the right answer. There are no shortage of ideas to building a community.

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