Expanding Beyond The Narrow Focus

August 2, 2013Comments Off on Expanding Beyond The Narrow Focus

To launch a community you want a tiny, pinpoint  focus. You want to
target a specific problem, passion, topic, or issue that heavily impacts a tiny
number of people. You want to completely dominate that topic.  

This makes it easier to reach critical mass. The challenge is
expanding beyond that.

America’s finest accountants won’t line up to join a tiny community
for Boston Accountants interested in reviewing invoice systems. That’s not how
it works. You don’t make a massive leap from a narrow focus to a broad focus.

You expand slowly. The Boston Accountants reviewing invoicing systems
community expands to be reviewing invoicing and something else, or to Boston,
New York, and then North-East USA.

It’s one small step for your community, one giant leap…..no, it’s just
tiny steps. Nothing dramatic. Sorry.


FeverBee is Hiring (again!)

We are recruiting for a Community Coordinator to help in the daily running of our expanding services. This is an entry-level position for a recent graduate who is passionate about online communities. It's essential you can get things done.

Contact [email protected] for further details.

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