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What If Everyone Did It?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

We recently removed a post from FeverBee Experts.

The post wasn’t too bad. One member felt information from a personal blog would be relevant to the broader community so posted a link to it.

Was it useful information to the community? Quite possibly.

Should we have allowed it to remain? Probably not.

Our yardstick on these decisions is what if everyone did it? If everyone shared blog posts to external sites without any filter the community becomes a LinkedIn/Twitter wasteland of links. It becomes impossible to filter for quality.

If, however, everyone shares the same information within relevant discussions instead, then everyone benefits. That’s a valuable contribution to the group. And if there aren’t relevant discussions, the information wasn’t relevant in the first place.

There are other systems too. We could let each member share one great external post a month, or put forward their links for a quality review before posting. Both take up more resources than we have.

So for now we use the simple metric – what if everyone did it?

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