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Document How Every Page Is Used

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Most communities have far too many pages.

This is bad for the user experience (and bad for SEO).

Take a few minutes during lunch to pick a random page and analyze who is using it and why.

You can do this through your own metrics and augment that data with a survey (either as a pop-up request) or a simple link.

In your data look at:

  • Where did people arrive from?
  • Where did people go next?
  • How long did they spend on the page?
  • Where do they click on the page?
  • What is the value of the page?

In your survey ask what people want on the page and how it can be improved.

You will often discover:

1) You have a niche group of people who want something specific. This might be a unique group of people you can target through unique content, SEO, events, expert webinars etc…

2) You can either improve this page or deliver the information in a better format. Once you know exactly what people want, you can improve the page. It might work better as information in the onboarding of members, as a specific downloadable resource, or simply to prioritize the information better on the page itself.

3) You can close the page down. Often the page might not deliver enough value and you can remove it entirely.

Try this for one obscure page and test your results. The information might create unique opportunities.

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