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Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

We’ve all heard stories, sometimes myth, sometimes real, about an event that changed the future.

Events have the capacity to do that. Events have the power to forge connections, spark motivation, and set a new direction in any field.

Events can galvanize a group of people, give them a feeling that they’re on the cusp of something new/exciting, and create the desire to achieve a positive distinctiveness among this peer group.

Events can be a shortcut to achieve a lot of the goals you’re trying to achieve.

The size of the event isn’t as important as the alignment of the message.

Woodstock had half a million people, but that was an outlier.

The Sex Pistols Manchester concert had just 40 people, what those 40 achieved was incredible.

The Hombrew Computer Club meetings attracted a few dozen to a hundred, but they provided the impetus for dozens of technologies that changed the world.

Tomorrow, we’re going to begin with 200. We’re going to try and make the shift from discussions about technology, removing the bad stuff, and being nice to people. We want to change community management to a profession that is focused upon psychology, social-psychology, and other related disciplines that apply to any type of community. 200 should be enough to achieve this.

What’s important about events, is the alignment of the message. This theme is important. Everyone has to share the idea of the event. If they don’t, they shouldn’t come. Those that do come will be those looking to be part of something special.

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