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Are Your Employees Too Busy To Participate In Your Online Community?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

You’re not alone, every organization claims their staff are too busy to participate in an online community.

It’s not always true. In fact, it’s never true.

No staff at any organization are too busy to participate in an online community.

They just have different priorities. They believe that replying to their e-mail, checking the marketing material, working their way down their to-do list is more important than participating in the community.

…and it’s your fault.

You will find that when bosses talk about the community in meetings, when your customers/staff are discussing an employee’s work in the community, when the community is a fun place to participate – it rises steadily up their list of priorities.

Have your employees ever stayed late to get some work done? Then why not to participate in a community?

Here’s a bonus: 17 ways to get your employees to participate in your online community.

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