Eliminating Bias

May 20, 2015Comments Off on Eliminating Bias

How much information someone knows about you completely changes the type of answers they give you. This is a big problem in the research stage. 

Here’s a problem that arises you and your members ask questions.   

People might agree with you because they genuinely agree with your statement.

They might agree with you because they like you (or their friends do).

They might agree with you because they’re busy and want you to go away.

They might agree with you because they know you’re heavily invested in something. If you ask ‘what do you think of my site?’ people will probably say they like it for example.

They might agree with you because you’ve presented facts that support your viewpoint before you ask a question (and not presented facts that don’t).

But this doesn’t give you useful information. For that you have to make the questions more active.

Better to say ‘I have $10k of development time to spend on this site, which areas can do you think we should improve’? ‘ Now you’ve stripped out the bias and can get useful information.

If you want good feedback, don’t ask ‘let me know what you think’ or ‘what you like/dislike’. Ask if you should do {x} or {y}. Present it as a choice that requires an answer. 

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