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Efficacy And Content-Driven Communities

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I don’t like content-driven communities. The model is usually backwards. 

In theory it works like this. You get 20 to 50 people creating content for your community, this attracts people to the community. 

The problem is few people want to create content for a non-existent audience. Those that do soon get bored when their articles get a limited response (this is why most bloggers soon give up, they don’t get over the no-audience hump). 

People are motivated by efficacy. They want to have an impact upon their surroundings. If few people read and respond, that impact is limited. The motivations dies.

It’s hard to get people to contribute content for a community few people visit. You need to build the audience first. It’s not a chicken and egg scenario. You can steadily build a community a few people at a time, initiate discussions, facilitate early interactions, and then gradually invite people to contribute regular blog posts. 

It’s the audience that attract the content creators, not the content creators that attracts the audience. 


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