Don’t Be On The Losing Side

November 7, 2014Comments Off on Don’t Be On The Losing Side

Successful groups die when they're on the wrong side of trends. 

Imagine you run a photography community.

This group knows everything about expensive cameras. 

Then Instagram appears. Members unite in hate against it. They declare this isn't 'real' photography. It doesn't take much skill. They belittle any member that talks about it. 

Sadly, the Instagram community grows steadily and membership of the photography community plummets. Eventually, even the most diehard member switches over. 

This isn't an exception. It's core reason why most successful communities die.

Every single community is in danger of this happening. 

You can stay true to your unique vision, interpretation, or definition of the topic. But it becomes irrelevant if you're crushed in the long-run. Create a separate place to accomodate the very topics that many members are most skeptical about. 


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