Documenting And Categorizing Tacit Knowledge

June 12, 2013Comments Off on Documenting And Categorizing Tacit Knowledge

Documenting and categorizing the best knowledge is important. No-one else is going to do this but you.  

For a long time, no-one documented all the advice on how communities develop or categorized all community management activities until recently. 

There is a huge, open, market for community professionals that can gradually add the best expertise from their community into documents other people can use for help. Include direct quotes from named people in these documents. Now categorize this material into frameworks that people can more easily digest.  

You can use a wiki if it’s easier. If you’re pushed for time, begin doing this with just one topic. Now move on to the next topic, and the next. Soon, you will have documented an incredible amount of expertise that everyone can easily find.  

Which community do you think people want to join and participate will participate in? The one with a wealth of documented, categorized, expertise or the one without?  

The problem with too many communities is the very best advice is visible only for a few days. It gets pushed down to irrelevance. That’s a tragedy. 

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