Document The Outputs Of Your Online Community

February 28, 2013Comments Off on Document The Outputs Of Your Online Community

We spent a lot of time talking about the inputs.

We spend a lot of time talking about the clicks, traffic, comments, likes, drama, and plenty more.

However, a community has to do things for members. A community has to have real outputs.

What is the real, meaningful, tangible, impact that the community has had on members?

You might not know, but it's worth finding out.

Ask members, what impact has the community had on their lives. What specific things has the community helped members achieve/do/be?

Document these. Literally write these up and add it to areas of your community. You can publish this as a weekly/monthly round-up if you like i.e. 'Joe discovered an entirely new way to takes photographs in dim-lighting without a flash.'

 This sets an example of behaviour for others to follow, increases the sense of pride felt by members, and provides a nice place for member-generated tips. Perhaps, most importantly, it keeps the community focused on the meaningful outputs, rather than the neverending inputs. 

Simple and effective to do. 


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