Diversify Your Channels of Growth

February 3, 2014Comments Off on Diversify Your Channels of Growth

The number of unique, new, visitors to a new client's community plummeted by 60% between Dec 19 and the time of writing (Jan 16). 

The community lives within a broader organization. Most traffic is generated by referrals from the mothership site. On Dec 19, Google made a few changes. This reduced the search engine traffic to the main referral site (the organization's site) by 80%. This subsequently reduced new visits to the community by 60%. 

As a result, a community which had a healthy, steady, reliable growth surplus (attracting more members than they were losing through natural churn) is now in a deficit. If this persists for too many months, the community enters a death spiral

Like investing, you have to diversify your risk.

We might be able to repair the search engine traffic damage (it seems to be a case of integrating with a Google+ account), yet this doesn't fix the core problem. Over-reliance on a single channel for growth. 

If you're too beholden to any one source of growth, you're at risk of a sudden switch like this. Deliberately establish many sources of growth for a community in diverse channels. Create multiple inbound links from many sources. 

This means allocating your time between direct growth (you individually reaching out to people, converting existing members/traffic), referral growth (social media sharing, group-produced material, naturally being talked about), promotional growth (inbound links, content creation), and (rarely) search engine optimization. 

You can spend a few weeks putting together multiple slideshares, interviewing top people in your field and attracting inbound links, creating a community eBook of advice and sharing it on multiple platforms, making material easily sharable, creating a badge which members can share on their own profiles, participating in existing groups/communities (with inbound signature links) on other communities, and organizing plenty of events/activities which naturally attract attention. 

Measure you have multiple sources of growth and ensure you have a diversified stream of new members.  

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