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How To Get A £200 Discount For SPRINT London

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I love to plan which events we’ll attend 3 to 6 months early.

This shows we’re making an individual’s personal development a priority.

No matter what happens around that time, their personal development will come first. The message is clear we benefit by you being as good as you can be.

It lets the attendee plan ahead. S/he can see who else is going, plan (or host) meetings with community members in the area, and connect with the top experts in the region. They get better flight/hotel deals too.

This is ALWAYS a far better experience than scrambling for flight and hotel deals at the last minute. It’s always better than going without knowing who else is going and with no plans to connect with anyone – what a waste!

We’ve hosted events for years now and there’s something about the early birds. They are the first names to sign up because they trust us the most, they believe in the event the most, and maybe they’ve attended before.

These are exactly the people we would want to reward and support. Which is one of the reasons we give £200 discounts to the first people that sign up.

If you’re planning to come to SPRINT London, and you want a £200 discount, book your ticket by Jan 1.

The event is going to be great, you get to plan things out ahead, and we want to repay your faith in us.

Click here to book your discounted tickets: Book Tickets

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