2,600 Destination Experts

August 24, 2017 Comments Off on 2,600 Destination Experts

One of TripAdvisor’s great innovations is building up a network of 26,000 destination experts sourced entirely from the community.

Every single member of the 11-strong team is trained to spot the kind of people making unique, special, contributions and give them a specific role within the community.

Why don’t you have something similar? Who’s out there today writing friendly, smart, and consistently good posts? Can you reach out and see if they might like a proper expert role within the group?

There are thousands of niches within your field that people could be demonstrating expertise on and taking control over. They could be tasked with initiating and responding to discussions, creating content, and removing the bad stuff.

Don’t worry about fleshing out a fully-formed system right now, TripAdvisor still doesn’t have one. Just get into the habit of identifying and elevating people making a series of smart posts and participating well.

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