Cross Linking To The Community

August 6, 2014Comments Off on Cross Linking To The Community

LonelyPlanet's website is cleverly integrated with the community.

Much of the advice is generated by the community. This is then used within the content. 

For example, an article might include: "some traveller's report it takes 4 hours to get a VISA at this border". This would include a hyperlinked phrase to the very discussion where people can get more information. 

It works the other way too. The content sends people back to the community. If you're trying to buy a VISA to Iran, for example, you would find: 

VisaNotice it drives people to the community for more information. This is the level we should be working towards.

Two simple steps here:

1) Create expert content and advice based upon the information shared in the community. Link this back to areas in the community.

2) Add links to relevant discussions taking place within the community in the content.

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