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Create A Personal Community For Yourself (Not About Yourself)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

You should create your own personal online community.

The problem with most bloggers that claim to have online communities is the community is dependant (or entirely about) the blogger. If the blogger dies (god forbid) the community ends in a heartbeat. That shouldn’t be the case.

Me, Charlie, Jeff, Matt, Jess, Ryan, Aidian and Chuck have a very private community. Every few months we send a few e-mails round to catch up. They are a staggeringly talented and fast-moving group. It’s a pleasure to interact with them.

This is how personal online communities should work. You find a group of ridiculously talented people you want to associate yourself with. You begin exchanging e-mails with one person, then invite another. Then another and perhaps even another. 

Nobody owns the community, but, the community can survive without you. In the meantime, you get a fantastic networking, knowledge sharing and a good group of friends to interact with. Try it.

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