Creating A Community From Your Social Media Efforts

June 18, 2009Comments Off on Creating A Community From Your Social Media Efforts

If you send a tweet to the UN Refugee Agency (@refugees), you might get a reply, you might not. We have 250,000 followers. That’s too many to have conversations with everyone.

We, like you, are lucky that we don’t need to have conversations with everyone. That doesn’t scale one bit. We don’t want to talk to every follower, we want every follower to talk to each other. This forms a community. Communities scale infinitely. If you're reading this blog, you probably want one of these.

Begin by talking about your current social media followers. Talk about what Alex is doing, then ask your community what they think about Alex’s actions. That’s a conversation, try to develop lots of conversations about members. 

Next interview another member. Highlight key messages and actions from other members. Do a round up at the end of each week. Stop writing content directly and use your presence to showcase content from others – this stimulates more content and activity.

Finally, invite volunteers to cover your community news stories. It’s not difficult to scale your social media actions into a community.

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