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What Is The Craziest Thing You Could Do?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

A strategic question we sometimes ask clients is; “what is the craziest most amazingly game-changing thing you could do for your members if time, money, and resources were no object?”

Surprisingly few people have an answer.

They don’t know what would really make members much more successful, much happier, or much more closely connected.

I suggest you ask them and find out what a true game-changer looks like. Don’t look for something that’s incrementally better than what you’re already doing. Look for a genuine game-changer. Something no-one else has managed to find the time, inclination, or resources to do yet.

It might be building a definitive database for its topic, creating a tool to get an instant response on any question from a qualified expert, hosting a mega-event, or a hundred other things.

Once you know what it might look like, you can begin playing around the edges of the idea to see what kind of response you get. And if the response is good, go for it. Most game-changers require far fewer resources than we might imagine.

Ask your members today what a real game-changer would look like for them.

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