Condense Your Menu Of Discussions

June 25, 2013Comments Off on Condense Your Menu Of Discussions

Some platforms encourage you to waste space. Take the Disney Moms Forum below:


On here you see just 3 discussions (barely). The subject
line clearly stated what the discussion is about. Yet, a length is displayed
with a further click to more information.

There is far too much wasted space.  The avatar, the lengthy discussion line, the
category, the answered by all take up
space and add no value.

You don’t want to do this. Instead, you want to create a menu of discussions that members can
quickly scan and see if they want to participate in a discussion. These should
all appear above the fold on the
landing page of the community.

Compare DisneyMoms with EMC


EMC uses Jive to condense the discussions so people can scan
them and yet have plenty more space left over.

Or compare with any community based upon a good forum
package (for example, GolfGTIForum
below). The discussions are condensed so people can quickly scan them and see
if they want to learn more.


Your space is valuable. Don’t waste it trying to look good.


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