Your Community Of Friends

April 15, 2009Comments Off on Your Community Of Friends

Here’s a challenge, start a community for your circle of friends. It’s harder than you think.

The point is to skip the difficulties of finding and persuading people to join. Instead focus on developing a community that adds something so valuable and relevant, that it becomes a major hub of news, information and gossip for your group. If you’re not in it, you’re not really a part of the group.

Organisations suffer from this problem. They have a big list of customers, a big list of incentives to offer, but they can make it valuable and relevant to keep members coming back.

So start a tiny community for your friends. You wont have trouble finding people and persuading them to join. Develop some content for the group, a forum, some questions to answer, pictures and maybe a challenge (how about a group holiday? Go further, ask questions, arrange events, have a news/gossip section. Push it as far as it can go.

You’ll be surprised at just how good (or bad) you are at this.

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