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Community Identity: What Every Business Should Know

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Joel Spolsky has a fantastic post on community identity that every business should read.

Should we have and Or and If everything lives at, the brand carries across all the sites. So if you had a great experience with, you might believe that a good chess site.

[…] we decided that individually-branded sites felt more authentic and trustworthy. We thought that letting every Stack Exchange site have its own domain name, visual identity, logo, and brand would help the community feel more coherent. After all, nobody wants to say that they live in Housing Block 2938TC.

Many businesses listen to their web team and put the community as a sub domain of the website. Some don’t even bother to name it at all. It just exists as These communities don’t do well.

The better community businesses pick a name using insider jargon [Thanks Joel] that reflects the community itself. They let the community develop an identity that might be unique from the website itself.

Just because it’s easier to host it on your own domain, doesn’t mean you should.

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