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The FeverBee Guide To Community Strategy

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I am incredibly proud, excited (and slightly anxious) today to launch our Strategic Community Management resource.

This resource includes 40k+ words of advice, case studies, and templates to help you build and (most importantly) execute your community strategy.

Our goal is to help everyone working on any type of community to make sure they’re spending their time, money, and energy on the tasks which will move the needle.

Most of the routine tasks we do today don’t do that. We each have enough data points to know that. This resource will challenge many of your assumptions you have about building communities. If you ever wondered about the kind of work we do for clients, read the resource.

My hope (or dream) is that we move community closer to the science it should become. Huge thanks to everyone who helped research this, test the material, and provided data-points for us. And to Salesforce Community Cloud for sponsoring the project.

You can access the resource for free here:

If we can ask one favour, please share the guide if you like it. It took us months of work and thousands of dollars to put together.

p.s. Now you can see what the material looks like, sign up for our Strategic Community Management Program.

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