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Community Souvenirs

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Create souvenirs that members can buy.

Very few communities offer souvenirs. It’s a shame. People buy souvenirs to remind them of a positive experience. These souvenirs, like your community, are usually based around shared experiences. Persuading members to spend money in your community is the hardest of the four investments a member can make.

T-shirts, mugs and refrigerator magnets are easy targets. But why not go further? What about a yearbook? Featuring profiles of the regular members ($30 gets you featured – and buys you a copy). How about a commemorative coin or a deck of playing cards featuring profiles members?

Better still, what about branding some of your products after topics/members/groups in the community?

Souvenirs is the easiest way to make money from communities. You create the feeling, then sell the feeling. Most importantly, souvenirs solidify a member’s involvement in the community. You might even find superiors are more enthusiastic about your community when it can generate some revenue.

If your community doesn’t have souvenirs, today would be a time to introduce them.

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