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1300+ Examples Of Successful Online Brand Communities (and you can add yours)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Today we’re launching a database where you can explore 1300+ examples of successful brand communities and share your own efforts.

Getting good community examples has always been a challenge. Many people work in isolated silos with no ability to see what others like themselves are working on. For the past 18 months, we’ve been gathering data, cleaning data, and working to find a way to display the best brand communities on the web.

We’ve highlighted what we believe to be the top 10 communities by 4 different sectors and over a dozen of the most popular community platforms. In the coming months and years, we’re going to frequently update our ranking of communities and add to our database.

If you want to see your community featured, please add it to the database (you can also help us by suggesting new categories you would love to help create). You can also claim your own listing and keep it updated.

You can find our examples of brand communities here.

We hope you find it useful.

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